You have found your way to Foxfires - the online art portfolio of Aimee Stewart.  Aimee is a self-taught artist who specializes in lush, eclectic digital painting and photomanipulation.  

Heavily inspired by music and literature, Aimee works from the heart to bring her unique and transporting visions to life,  whether they are surreal, storybook, or something plucked from 'otherwhere'.  In essence, she is a cartographer of the imagination, and a champion of daydreams.

So if you are here to wander and gaze, or to find a fragment of her musings to add to your life...   let your mind spin with the color, poetry,  and wonder of Aimee's mesmeric artistry.

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Thoughts from fans...

Here are a few things people are saying about Foxfires art:

"I absolutely adore Aimee's work. It shows a place that we all wish we could live in. The images evoke a sense of wonder that many bury deep within themselves. Her images in a sense help us regain our power to believe in another world, somewhere, where all her images are real..."  

"You are an inspiration....."

"Your work is like an expose' of hidden treasures for the non-assiduous, that take the time to catch glimpse of the real world out there..."

"Your signature color and light gets me every time..." ~ "Perfectly sublime..." ~ "I am amazed by the diversity of your work..." ~ "Not only are your works impeccably well done but they are also ingenious..."

"Your artwork makes me travel in my deepest thoughts and carries away my imagination... "

"Having never been exposed to a great deal of photographic manipulation in the past, that which I have viewed has always left me expecting something more. It really seemed like a "quick fix" approach: "Hack and slash," as it were. Going through your gallery has convinced me how wrong I could be. Rich, creative, exquisite, and inspirational, I am quite simply...in awe."

"When I saw your work entitled 'In Quiet Light',  I felt so at peace with everything.  Feeling that even just for a moment was a gift...."  

"Your works resonate with my soul in a way few artists can. Your nighttime works especially bring me comfort and peace."

" "Foxfires" is a synonym to fantasy...."

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New Artwork!

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