celtic-forest-faerie: {Two Black Stags} by {Kip Loades}  Black...


{Two Black Stags} by {Kip Loades} 

Black Stags (also known as Noir Elk; females are referred to as Black Doe) are large dark furred deer indigenous to the Leurecht Region of Hollen. They are tough game due to their agility and aggressiveness towards predators. Black Stag are larger than average deer. They stand 20 centimeters taller and 10 centimeters longer, and weigh up to 20 kilograms more. Their fur is sleek and soft like the fur of smaller, more domesticated animals. However, it is not especially thick, even if the fur itself is stronger. Their antlers are also black, as are their eyes and hooves. The doe have small horns, and both the Alpha male, Beta males, and females of a pack will fight to protect their offspring.

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