Links worth checking out!

No Method Photography - the photography of my wonderfully talented husband, Larry Stewart!

Duirwaigh Studios
- home of inspiration, enchantment, and hootenanys, hosted by the irrascable Angi Sullins, and the incorrigable Silas Toball!

McCune Music - Experience the soul stirring music of Brent McCune - stellar musician, and my brother!

Marquis of Vaudeville - The very whirling-twirling dizziness of my daydreams are represented here by this amazing band. - A lovely soul, and immensely talented woman!  Janne Robberstad

Anthropology of Traveling - A highly entertaining and informative blog kept by my niece and her husband as they spend a year in South Korea, teaching English!

SoulFood Books - More than just a book store.   A  LIFE store!  A place to gather around a cup of amazing coffee, and immerse one's self into all things good for the heart and soul.  Owned by my soulbrother, Clint and the beautiful Sarah, and adore by poets, dreamers, musicians, painters, dancers, and gypsy wanderers near and far.

Haystack Rock Webcam - A live webcam of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon - one of my favorite places in the world!

Ashes and Snow - The breathtaking photography of Gregory Colbert.  Do not miss this!